For the Nations

We see FBC BR deeply invested on every continent on earth through church planting, gospel proclamation among unreached people groups, bible translation projects, and mercy ministries to the world’s most desperate people.


Increased CP Giving |  For the sake of the Gospel proclaimed to all people, we will increase our giving of resources from our church family toward missions efforts through the Cooperative Program.

Global Partnerships |  Our church will establish a partnership with an international church or people group for the sake of the gospel on every continent in the world. (N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, Australia/Pacific Islands, and Africa)

Translate the Word |  For the sake of taking the gospel to all nations, we will commission the translation of God’s Word into the language of an unreached people group.

Go Make Disciples |  We must GO to the nations. FBC will send 2-3 mission teams overseas annually for the specific purpose of encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as helping them through intense discipleship ministry, prayer, and resource distribution.