For the City

We see FBC BR becoming a church FOR our city, not just in our city. We see our faith family as community of believers placed here by God to graciously serve others for the good of those in the city of Baton Rouge.


Downtown Outreach |  We must continue to develop a consistent and effective inner city/downtown outreach that meets the physical, spiritual, and relational needs of all downtown Baton Rouge residents.

Cultural Engagement |  To reach our city, we must create an entirely new music and arts outreach ministry with the dual goal of excellence in musical development in children and youth with consistent and competent gospel teaching. God created music. So all music should be for the glory of God.

City-Wide Gospel Saturation |  For the sake of our city, we must dedicate resources and time in working together with other gospel-focused churches throughout Baton Rouge to see the lost saved and for the revelation of God’s kingdom in our great city.


Christian Outreach Center

1427 Main Street

In cooperation with other churches in the downtown area, First Baptist provides financial and volunteer support for this ministry that provides emergency assistance to people traveling through our area and to the homeless. 

Clothes Closet/Break Room

Thursdays @ FBC
9:00-11:00 am

The Clothes Closet is open each Thursday morning and provides free clothing and a light snack to people in need. Volunteers are always needed to help with this ministry to our city.


Break Room Sunday School Class

Each Sunday at 11:00 am @ FBC



The Spring session of GriefShare begins on Thursday, March 17.
For more information, times and locations, click here.

Thursdays at 6:00 pm
Grief Recovery Center
4939 Jamestown Avenue, Suite 101
(Off College Drive and Bennington)

It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now. If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before. GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. Each GriefShare session has three distinct elements:

  •  Video seminar with experts
  • Support group discussion with focus
  • Workbook-based personal study and reflection

Learn more about Griefshare, when to join, and who should join by clicking here.

Reality House

1701 Main Street
Phone: 225.231.2490

Reality House is a residential half-way house for chemically dependent mothers and their dependent children. The well-structured and supervised setting at Reality House fosters emotional growth, encourages sobriety, requires self-examination and teaches new problem solving techniques which lead to positive life style changes

The following services are provided to help the women at Reality House overcome chemical dependency: 

  • Individual Counseling (provided to mother and child) 
  • Family and Group Counseling (provided to mother and child) 
  • Sexual/Physical Abuse Counseling 
  • Nutritional Education 
  • Spiritual Groups 
  • Crisis Intervention Services 
  • Substance Abuse Education/Relapse Prevention 
  • Parenting Classes/Social Skills Training 
  • Job Search/Job Placement 
  • 12-Step Recovery Program 




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