For the Church


We have been brought together as one body by Almighty God to be a Christ-centered, gospel-proclaiming, multigenerational church for the sake of God’s glory in downtown Baton Rouge.


Biblical Evangelism |  We will pursue a relevant evangelistic strategy which engages every age group of our church, centered on proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping both the lost and found to know the love and grace of God.

Multi-Generational Discipleship |  We must establish a wide-ranging and complete multi-generational discipleship strategy, rooted in the Word of God, where mature believers in the faith are teaching and training younger believers to honor and glorify Christ. (Titus 2 model)

Creative Worship Ministry |  God is leading us in the development of a comprehensive worship and musical arts ministry that is first and foremost a humble and selfless extension of our church’s desire for God’s beauty and creativity to be proclaimed for His own glory and renown in our city.

Sacrificial Giving |  This vision will lead us to generate consistent Christian community as seen in the early church of Acts 2, defined by a love for God’s Word and sacrificial giving of resources for the sake of our church and for the advancement of the gospel.