Wearing Your New Clothes Among the Outsiders

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  • Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012
  • Speaker: Rodney Wood
  • Series: None
  • Category: Sunday Morning Worship
  • Scripture: Colossians 4:2–4:6

“Wearing Your New Clothes Among the Outsiders”
Colossians 4:2-6

Our question this morning: As a new man or woman in Christ, how are you to live among those who do not yet know Jesus?

I. You must pray constantly. (vs. 2-4; cf., Psalm 55:17; Daniel 6:10; Mark 1:35)

A. You are to pray watchfully and with thanksgiving. (4:2)
B. You should pray for one another as Gospel messengers. (vs. 3-4)

For what should we pray?
1. An open door for the Word (vs. 3; cf. Acts 14:27; Revelation 3:8)
2. Clarity in presentation (vs.4)
3. Courage to speak up (vs. 4)

II. You are to walk wisely. (vs.5)

A. To walk wisely is to live uprightly. (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12; 1 Timothy 3:7)
B. To walk wisely is to live with a sensitivity to culture, to customs, and to individual needs and perspectives.

III. You are to speak graciously. (vs. 6)

A. Our speech is to be full of grace, imparting good to those who listen.
B. Our speech should be “seasoned with salt.”
-Preserving the lost from further moral and ethical decay
-Bringing flavor - love, beauty, kindness, goodness, grace, etc. - into the world
C. We should know how to respond to everyone.