The Grace Note - June 2014

Have you noticed that the Sanctuary Choir has not been wearing robes past few Sunday mornings? Maybe you have or haven’t, but the choir has been wearing red robes since the early 1990s and they have served our choir well for 20+ years. During that time, our choir robes have shown signs of wear and have deteriorated from use each Sunday. However, through generous gifts this year, our choir was able replace our current red robes. Each choir member has been measured for a custom fit robe and they will be wearing them coming this August!

As we await the arrival of our new robes, we have also begun working on ways to improve our robing rooms. Work is currently being done as we are cleaning and improving the functionality of those rooms to make it easier for each singer in the choir.

Also, this month the choir is preparing for Festival of Freedom on July 4th at 6 o’clock. I’d like to invite you if you are interested in singing with us to join us as we will combine with other local churches to celebrate God and Country through a special service together. We will also be taking up an offering for Military families and would love to have you participate. We will be rehearsing each Wednesday night in the choir room from 6-7:30.
Hope to see you at Festival of Freedom!


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