Spain Report - August 2014

Spain 2014 was an amazing trip. Thank you FBC for sending me and our team. Thank you Pastor Oren for being a pastor that challenges us to go and serve. 38 of us from FBC Baton Rouge, LSU BCM, Grambling BCM, University of Louisiana at Monroe BCM, FBC Orlando, and FBC Amory, Ms. We arrived in Barcelona, Spain and worked with 2 local churches and with 8 missionaries. David and Amy from Madrid. Uriel and his wife at Eternal Flames Baptist Church in Cerdanyola, Aaron and Kristin from Barcelona, and Tim and Louise at Unida in Terressa.

There is a huge need for Christ in Barcelona. I definitely felt the presence of our Lord there, but the people there know little about our Christ. The Catalayan people are the in the 3rd largest people group that is unreached for Christ. It did have a Catholic influence a long while back, but it is now considered in an area known as Post Christian. Through prayer, hard work of the missionaries, and more prayer, we were able to go share the gospel in many different areas.

The church in Cerdanyola, Eternal Flame Baptist, is a small church that is trying to get off the ground. There are a ton of permits needed to have a church, and permits were needed to do everything we did. We passed out Bibles and flyers during the times that the permits allowed. They meet in a small shop, but they are extremely excited about what the future holds. They are faithfully plugging along and we were able to help serve along with them. We joined them in area markets. We drew a crowd through puppets, dance, sports, and arts and crafts, and their church members, along with our evangelism crew, were able to have meaningful conversations about Christ.

We did very similar activities with the church called Unida at Terressa. This was an amazing church that God has his hand on. The President of the Spain Southern Baptist Association is the lead pastor here. He is an incredible pastor and man. His vision and implementation of it is incredible. His church does a ton for the community and honestly it reminded me of our FBC. I was impressed by all they are doing, and I was proud that we were able to serve alongside them. The pastor was such a humble man and I wish all pastors and ministers could spend time with him. We were complimenting him on his ministry and this was his reply: “Mark 10:45 says, ‘For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.’” What an incredible word from the head of the Baptist President of Spain. He backed it up by serving us, his community, his church and anyone he came in contact with. What an incredible lesson we learned. Serving as Christ served. I think it is really easy for us to sit back and be served at times, but this man reminded us what Jesus did. He came to serve and minister to others and what a challenge that is. He was in meetings with dignitaries and in his suit then he would go play soccer with students and then drive us around in his personal vehicle. God is definitely working in this church and the Teressa area is better for it.

Thank you again FBC for sponsoring us, praying for us, sending us… Please know Shay Cooper, Melissa Mayfield and Catherine Bozeman represented you well. They worked incredibly hard and walked over 10 miles per day as well. Sarah Farley represent the LSU BCM incredibly well and did a great job heading up this amazing trip. I ask that you continue to pray for all of Spain. Pray for the churches in Granollers, Cerdanyola, and Terressa. Pray for the missionaries. And as always, keep praying for our collegiates. I am incredibly proud of them all. Thanks again, FBC, and please continue to geaux out and serve!!!

In Him,
Larkin J. Harris

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